The End of Greatness

March 9. - 12., 2022
FKSE, Rottenbiller ut. 35, Budapest, HU
Performative event was held on March 12th, in time slots every 90 minutes.
Performance in collaboration with: Vilma Braun
Performers: Vilma Braun, Emese Kovács , Gergő Lukács (performer)

An apple as a lasting event
A stone as a lasting event
Matter as:
The effervescent interplay of forces
A quiver
A brief equilibrium
A field.
All of it.

Performative format about slow life of objects, matter, us and the bond within.
Open (play)ground.
Can something take up a whole space? What if it already does?
In quantum mechanics an object cannot occupy a single point, a single spot - it always has a radius. Matter naturally has blury boundaries, soaked in electromagnetic field that fills up everything.
Objects inhabit a space just like us. In The End of Greatness, we search for possibilities of mutual communication and interaction with objects, ways of touch that takes their duration and life span into consideration. We are looking for mutual breath and pace with the objects, try to unfold them and their qualities.
Unfolding of matter is a question about/for an individual. To what extent are we in-divided? To what extent are we embedded -in- the world?
Matter is energy formed by intangible laws. These laws evolve, they are not fixed. Matter is still evolving. In a space, in the body. We are interested in how and where this development can lead.
Small task for you:
Please bring an object that is dear to you.
The End of Greatness is a term reffering to grouping of matter in the universe. The size of the universe is unknown, and it might be infinite in extent. We name what we can see, by that we give it some sort of order - the organisation of structure follows a hierarchical model with organisation up to the scale of superclusters and filaments. Larger than this there seems to be no continued structure - that is The End of Greatness. Lumpiness we see until this point comes together, like when you stir the dough evenly - it homogenizes. The universe becomes smooth for the eye, holistic entity for the mind.