A solo in which there are two of them at the same time. Each on its own, striving for something, looking for their own methods. Prolonging the moment of lightness, delaying the fall. Occasionally insisting, not able not to keep on trying. A delicate balance in dialogue with the other, with material and physical forces. The oscillation of the drive to build, to grow, to move forward and the gravity that pushes clearly - down. How long and how hard can one strive when the outcome does not depend solely on us alone? Can we let go of our own efforts?

Concept: Lukáš Bobalik, Maja Hriešik, Dana Tomečková
Choreography, tanec: Lukáš Bobalik
Dramaturgy: Maja Hriešik
Artistic collaboration: Dana Tomečková
Movement collaboration: Jaro Viňarský
Music: Nikolaj Nikitin
Costume: Michaela Bednárová / puojd
Light design and sound collaboration: Lukáš Kubičina
Producer: T-O-K Tanec/Osobnosť/Kontext