1+1+1+1 16.1.-17.2.2019

together with
Simona Gottierová
Martina Mäsiarová

Beata Jablonská 

We have time. (I don´t remember the last time I was reading for three hours in a row, I'm here and I'm colouring, I'm here and I'm breathing.)
There´s nothing in here if you enter too fast. Or if you expect what this will be at the end.
What if it's already happening?

You come and you can just be.
What does it mean - just to be? What does it mean - just to be here - together?
We create a place to stop, an open opportunity to experience a different time,
not the one that goes from ----------- to,
but the one like this:

Timelessness - flow - slowing down - pace - breath
The timeframe is all day. Therefore sometimes there may be nothing happening at all. It is not important (or possible) to see every part.

When we came here a month ago, we did not know what the end would look like. We just saw what there was. Even-though we had been here a hundred times, that day it felt like the first time. Staying in an empty space for a few days, we allowed ourselves not to fix on any idea, but to truly see - the size, the light, the air, the scent… An empty space is openness, joy, freedom, uncertainty and opportunity.

We are filling the space with dwelling. More than with any material we work with ourselves, we create with reciprocity, while the individual author's borders are vanishing. We are looking for a form in which the things are alive. Meanwhile, the people are already entering... We are creating a performative surfaces, temporary situations in which we are examining the balance between our individual sensitivity, mutual interplay and audience´s focused presence.
At the end nothing is more defined than it was the whole time.

This process is nonlinear and more interesting to us than a result because it requires a constant vigilance and authenticity from all involved.
It´s more about you coming INTO than looking AT something.