Line / Break models

If the line is a continuous, coherent set of points, if it arises from a point in motion, or as an intersection of two planes (or a plane and an outline of a spatial object), then the one I am talking about is somehow always present, but rarely palpable. It is formed gradually or arises all of a sudden. Such a line in space that I do not create.
“I only perform it, re-present it, materialize it, to let us realize that is has already been there, everytime we are talking about it, drawing it or thinking “it”. A picture on the blackboard, on the paper or in my head is only a representation of a line as a “border”... I am never its real creator.” (Petříček, Thinking by an image, str. 84)
Sometimes we have words to grasp what we do not see with eyes: “thin line between something”, “to walk a thin line”, “to be on the lines of something”, “breaking point”, etc.
I try to be aware of the space weight, its inner tension and numerous possibilities of its opening. Slenderness of the borderline. As if I know what is going to happen, but I cannot stop it.
I am getting closer, sliding on an inclined plane, falling over it.
Suddenly I see how thin it is. I am still here, in the same space, but everything else has changed.
Therefore, the main question in this work is a character of space, perceiving and experiencing it. I enter the space and move inside of it. If I find it opened – empty, how and under what conditions does the breaking point happen? Out of nothing? Or are the possibilities still there as a room full of point?
Consequently, can I see the space as a continuum? Are the parts of “broken space” still a whole?

Time and spatial aspect of line: horizontal and vertical

Linear perception of passing time, flow, move on the line

Moment as an interruption of time (here and now) – sharp cut
Dividing line: Joining line
(a connection always underlines an interruption of the two, a line that joins - separates at the same time)

- what separates the momens come as division, split, fissure, break
- what is perceived as horizontal is interrupted by vertical
- something back then –---/---- something now
- me back then ---/---- me now
- me ---/---- them