1+1+1+1 23.-25.7.2020

1+1+1+1=1 23. - 25. 7. 2020


The world has slowed down a bit lately; can we hold this change? Is it possible to remain in timelessness? We are creating a place. One enters and perceives, observes, searches, calms down. He stays with space and situation. He may ask himself, “What is going on here? Is something going on at all? ” This is something familiar, close… The clay in the flower pot is moist. The water in the pot is boiling. Something is reversed. Something is smelling: Where does it come from? Half peeled orange. Started sentence…
The project carries elements of art, performative, poetic, everyday and familiar, even banal. The environment where the viewer enters is alive - it is the atmosphere. We are interested in the ephemeral, which only lasts for now. We work with a feeling of intimacy and closeness - the possibility of sharing them.
One spectator could experience 40 minutes in the apartment.
Authors: Simona Gottierová, Martina Mäsiarová, Dana Tomečková
Dialogue: Daniel Grúň